Mar 26, 2012

What you can Live Without

You'd be amazed at the things you can live without
some of them we agree on out loud
you can live with out that extra croissant
or at least that third pat of butter
we can agree on that

that one-day sale coupon which you noticed the day after said sale -
you can live without that too
but still you want to complain to someone

you can live without the lights changing to green faster -
on the one morning that you left two minutes late
you can live without that
though you may find your fist placing a hostile thump on the steering wheel.

you can live without the potions, and illuminators and "product"
to preserve your best self - or create it - if you're not convinced
you've had it yet
 - product  -  an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale -
evidently this particular subset of manufactured items is so exemplary as to be the product
never mind items that create light - dull pain - or give pleasure to  multitudes of men, women, and children  -
if your hair is free of waxy build you would have the product to thank
But you can live without these things
though you are not so sure

you can live without the compliments you were accustomed to
five - ten years ago - though you're riled -
and you'll probably get some product that makes you glow - or radiate - or sparkle -
or some other thing that sounds like a red flag for a visit from the local fire department

you can live without having more years ahead of you than behind you now
after all if you"re just going to be descending into some gray, unilluminated entity, with too little French pastry, and barely an admirer left in the crowd
well then - you can live with this

and though you wont believe it
that one thing -  that laugh that lifts the night -
that brightest of lights that makes your soul race at the end of  ordinary days -
shutting out the cravings -
for comforts - and sweetness -
and fire
you will live without that too

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