Jun 24, 2012


If you had asked
certainly I would have said that no
I would never have expected to be here again
with you sneaking in like it was still yesterday -
speaking of the "super moon" or some such thing
I'd have said not a chance

there was that last time
and I remember thinking that was it
that you would never come to me like that again
those days were gone and I had better be prepared to move on so to speak
write a song - paint a picture - or do what I needed to do
and so it was
but with no song  - no painting
I'd have none of that business
for what?

And again, if you had asked
 I would have said that I would be the one running to you
so I'm rewarded
for letting go...

I gave up needing to be right a long time ago
I'd just as soon be here
believing I can still touch yesterday.

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